Darstellung und eigenschaften von Halogenopyridindicarbonylosmium(II)-komplexen

  title={Darstellung und eigenschaften von Halogenopyridindicarbonylosmium(II)-komplexen},
  author={Wilhelm Preetz and H.-G. Greulich and F. H. Johannsen},
Abstract On treatment of cis -[OsX 4 (CO) 2 ] 2− (X = Cl, Br, I) with pyridine in ethyleneglycol monoethyl ether at 135°C the complexes cis -[OsX * 2 (py) 2 (CO) 2 (* = ligands in trans -position) are formed. Due to the strong trans -effect of the carbonyl groups the substitution reactions proceed stereospecifically. By oxidative ligand exchange I and Br are replaced stepwise by Br or Cl and by Cl, respectively. The new compounds are characterized by their electronic and vibrational spectra. 

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