Dark matter results from 100 live days of XENON100 data.

  title={Dark matter results from 100 live days of XENON100 data.},
  author={E. Aprile and K. Arisaka and F. Arneodo and A. Aşkin and L. Baudis and A. Behrens and K. Bokeloh and E. Brown and T. Bruch and G. Bruno and J. Cardoso and W.-T. Chen and B. Choi and D. Cline and E. Duchovni and S. Fattori and A. Ferella and F. Gao and K. Giboni and E. Gross and A. Kish and C. W. Lam and J. Lamblin and R. Lang and C. Levy and K. Lim and Q. Lin and S. Lindemann and M. Lindner and J. Lopes and K. Lung and T. Undagoitia and Y. Mei and A. J. M. Fernandez and K. Ni and U. Oberlack and S. Orrigo and E. Pantic and R. Persiani and G. Plante and A. Ribeiro and R. Santorelli and J. D. dos Santos and G. Sartorelli and M. Schumann and M. Selvi and P. Shagin and H. Simgen and A. Teymourian and D. Thers and O. Vitells and H. Wang and M. Weber and C. Weinheimer},
  journal={Physical review letters},
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We present results from the direct search for dark matter with the XENON100 detector, installed underground at the Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso of INFN, Italy. XENON100 is a two-phase time-projection chamber with a 62 kg liquid xenon target. Interaction vertex reconstruction in three dimensions with millimeter precision allows the selection of only the innermost 48 kg as the ultralow background fiducial target. In 100.9 live days of data, acquired between January and June 2010, no… Expand