Dark energy and particle mixing

  title={Dark energy and particle mixing},
  author={A.Capolupo and S.Capozziello and G.Vitiello},

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Flavour Condensate and the Dark Sector of the Universe

This thesis is devoted to the development of a nonperturbative quantum field theoretical approach to flavour physics, with special attention to cosmological applications. Neutrino flavour oscillation

Dark matter and dark energy via nonperturbative (flavor) vacua

A non-perturbative field theoretical approach to flavour physics (Blasone-Vitiello formalism) has been shown to imply a highly non-trivial vacuum state. In a previous work, we implemented the

Natural Neutrino Dark Energy

A new class of neutrino dark energy models is presented. The new models are characterized by the lack of exotic particles or couplings that violate the standard model symmetry. It is shown that these

Thermal Condensate Structure and Cosmological Energy Density of the Universe

The aim of this paper is to study thermal vacuum condensate for scalar and fermion fields. We analyze the thermal states at the temperature of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and we show that

Flavour mixing in an expanding universe

Motivated by a microscopic model of string‐inspired foam, in which foamy structures are provided by brany point‐like defects (D‐particles) in space‐time, we discuss flavour mixing in curved

Consequences of f(?) Cosmology in Thermal Leptogenesis and Gravitino Late Abundance

The f ( T ) cosmology, where T is the torsion field, is considered, which constrain the parameters space of these cosmological models consistently with thermal Leptogenesis scenario (with degenerate mass spectrum of light neutrinos), and it is shown that they allow to solve the gravitino problem.

Probing quantum field theory particle mixing and dark-matter-like effects with Rydberg atoms

We analyze the oscillations of Rydberg atoms in the framework of quantum field theory and analyze the analogy with flavor mixing and oscillations. We reveal a non trivial vacuum energy which has the

A New perspective in the dark energy puzzle from particle mixing phenomenon

We report on recent results on particle mixing and oscillations in quantum field theory. We discuss the role played in cosmology by the vacuum condensate induced by the neutrino mixing phenomenon. We

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Relation and Bell Inequalities in High Energy Physics

An effective formalism is developed to handle decaying two-state systems. Herewith, observables of such systems can be described by a single operator in the Heisenberg picture. This allows for using

The Entropic Uncertainty Principle for Decaying Systems and 𝒞𝒫 violation

Employing an effective formalism for decaying system we are able to investigate Heisenberg's uncertainty relation for observables measured at accelerator facilities. In particular we investigate the



Quantum Field Theory

  • F. Wilczek
  • Physics
    Compendium of Quantum Physics
  • 2009
Quantum field theory is the framework in which the regnant theories of the electroweak and strong interactions, which together form the standard model, are formulated. Quantum electrodynamics (QED),

Particle Data Group)

  • J. Phys. G 33,
  • 2006

Neutrino Astrophysics

A general overview of neutrino physics and astrophysics is given, starting with a historical account of the development of our understanding of neutrinos and how they helped to unravel the structure


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