Dark Matter Benchmark Models for Early LHC Run-2 Searches. Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum

  title={Dark Matter Benchmark Models for Early LHC Run-2 Searches. Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum},
  author={Daniel Abercrombie and Nural Akchurin and Ece Akilli and Juan Alcaraz Maestre and Brandon Allen and Barbara Alvarez Gonzalez and J{\'e}r{\'e}my Andrea and Alexandre Arbey and Georges Azuelos and P Azzi and Mihailo Backovic and Yang Bai and Swagato Banerjee and James Beacham and Alexander Belyaev and Antonio Boveia and Amelia Brennan and Oliver Buchmueller and Matthew R. Buckley and Giorgio Busoni and Michael Buttignol and Giacomo Cacciapaglia and Regina Caputo and Linda L Carpenter and Nuno Filipe Castro and Guillelmo Gomez Ceballos and Yangyang Cheng and John Paul Chou and Arely Cortes Gonzalez and Chris Cowden and Francesco D’Eramo and Annapaola de Cosa and Michele De Gruttola and A. De Roeck and Andrea De Simone and Aldo Deandrea and Zeynep Demiragli and Anthony DiFranzo and Caterina Doglioni and Tristan du Pree and Robin Erbacher and Johannes Erdmann and Cora Fischer and Henning U Flaecher and Patrick J. Fox and Benjamin Fuks and M. H. Genest and Bhawna Gomber and A. Goudelis and Johanna Gramling and John F. Gunion and Kristian Hahn and U. Haisch and Roni Harnik and Philip Coleman Harris and Kerstin Hoepfner and Siew Yan Hoh and Dylan Hsu and Shih-Chieh Hsu and Yutaro Iiyama and Valerio Ippolito and Thomas Jacques and Xiangyang Ju and Felix Kahlhoefer and Alexis Kalogeropoulos and Laser Seymour Kaplan and Lashkar Mohammad Kashif and Valentin V. Khoze and Raman Khurana and Khristian Kotov and Dmytro Kovalskyi and Suchita Kulkarni and Shuichi Kunori and Viktor Kutzner and Hyun Min Lee and Sung-Won Lee and Seng Pei Liew and Tongyan Lin and Steven Lowette and Romain Madar and Sarah Malik and Fabio Maltoni and Mario Martinez Perez and Olivier Mattelaer and Kentarou Mawatari and Christopher McCabe and T. M. Megy and Enrico Morgante and Stephen Mrenna and Siddharth Narayanan and Andy Nelson and S{\'e}rgio Ferraz Novaes and Klaas Ole Padeken and Priscilla Pani and Michele Papucci and Manfred Paulini and Christoph Paus and Jacopo Pazzini and Bjorn Penning and Michael E. Peskin and Deborah Pinna and Massimiliano Procura and Shamona Qazi and Davide Racco and Emanuele Re and Antonio Walter Riotto and Thomas Gerard Rizzo and Rainer R{\"o}hrig and David {\vS}{\'a}lek and Arturo Rodolfo Sanchez Pineda and Subir Sarkar and Alexander B. Schmidt and Steven Schramm and William Robert Shepherd and Gurpreet Singh and L Soffi and Norraphat Srimanobhas and Kevin Sung and Tim M. P. Tait and Timoth{\'e}e Theveneaux-Pelzer and Marc Thomas and Mia Tosi and D Trocino and Sonaina Undleeb and Alessandro Vichi and Fuquan Wang and Lian-tao Wang and Ren-Jie Wang and Nikola Lazar Whallon and Steven Worm and Mengqing Wu and Sau Lan Wu and Hongtao Yang and Yong Yang and Shin-shan Yu and B. Zald{\'i}var and Marco Zanetti and Zhiqing Zhang and A Zucchetta},
  journal={Physics of the Dark Universe},
  • Daniel Abercrombie, Nural Akchurin, +136 authors A Zucchetta
  • Published 2015
  • Physics
  • Physics of the Dark Universe
  • This document is the final report of the ATLAS-CMS Dark Matter Forum, a forum organized by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations with the participation of experts on theories of Dark Matter, to select a minimal basis set of dark matter simplified models that should support the design of the early LHC Run-2 searches. A prioritized, compact set of benchmark models is proposed, accompanied by studies of the parameter space of these models and a repository of generator implementations. This report also… CONTINUE READING