Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: curved-sky weak lensing mass map

  title={Dark Energy Survey Year 1 results: curved-sky weak lensing mass map},
  author={Chau Lyan Chang and A. Pujol and B. Mawdsley and D. Bacon and Jack Elvin-Poole and Peter Melchior and Alexander Kovacs and Bithika Jain and Boris Leistedt and Tommaso Giannantonio and A. Alarcon and E. J. Baxter and Keith C. Bechtol and Matthew R. Becker and A. Benoit-levy and Gary M. Bernstein and C. Bonnett and Michael T. Busha and Aurelio Carnero Rosell and Francisco J. Castander and Ross Cawthon and Luiz Nicolaci da Costa and C. Davis and Juan de Vicente and Joe DeRose and Alex Drlica-Wagner and Pablo Fosalba and Matteo Gatti and Enrique Gazta{\~n}aga and Daniel Gruen and Julia Gschwend and Will G. Hartley and Ben Hoyle and Estelle M. Huff and M. Jarvis and Nicole K. Jeffrey and Tomasz Kacprzak and Hsing Wen Lin and Niall MacCrann and M. A. G. Maia and R. L. C. Ogando and J. Prat and M. M. Rau and Richard P. Rollins and A. Roodman and Esteban Rozo and Eli S. Rykoff and S. Samuroff and C. S'anchez and Ignacio Sevilla-Noarbe and E. Sheldon and Michael Troxel and T. N. Varga and P. E. Vielzeuf and Vinu Vikram and Risa H. Wechsler and J. A. Zuntz and T. M. C. Abbott and F. B. Abdalla and Sahar Allam and Jeff Annis and Emmanuel Bertin and D. Brooks and Elizabeth Buckley-Geer and D. L. Burke and M. Carrasco Kind and Jorge Carretero and Mart'in Crocce and C. E. Cunha and Christopher Dandrea and Shantanu Desai and Herman Thomas Diehl and Joerg P. Dietrich and Peter Doel and J. Estrada and Angelo Fausti Neto and E. Fern'andez and Brenna L. Flaugher and J. A. Frieman and Juan Garc'ia-Bellido and Robert A. Gruendl and Gabriela Guti{\'e}rrez and Klaus Honscheid and David J. James and T. Jeltema and Michael W. Johnson and Mitchell David Johnson and S. Kent and Danah Kirk and Elisabeth Krause and Kyler William Kuehn and Salma Kuhlmann and Ofer Lahav and Ting Song Li and Marcos Lima and Marina March and Paul Martini and Felipe Menanteau and Rosa Miquel and Joseph J. Mohr and E. Neilsen and Robert C. Nichol and Don Petravick and Andres A. Plazas and A. Kathy Romer and Miho Sako and Erick S{\'a}nchez and Victor E. Scarpine and Michael Schubnell and Mallory F. Smith and Robert Connon Smith and M. Soares-santos and Fl{\'a}via Sobreira and Eric Suchyta and Gregory Tarl'e and Deepa K Thomas and D. L. Tucker and Alistair R. Walker and Wc Wester and Y. Zhang},
Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago [NSF PHY-1125897]; Generalitat de Catalunya [2009-SGR-1398]; MICINN [AYA2012-39620, AYA2015-71825]; European Research Council [LENA-678282]; NASA through Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship - Chandra X-ray Center [PF5-160138]; NASA [NAS8-03060]; NASA through Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship Award [PF6-170154]; US Department of Energy grant [DE-SC0007901]; University of Pennsylvania; DOE grant [DE-AC02-98CH10886]; U.S. Department… CONTINUE READING


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