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Daphne decline: what is the causal agent(s)?

  title={Daphne decline: what is the causal agent(s)?},
  author={Jana Fr{\'a}nov{\'a} and D. -E. Lesemann},
  journal={Acta virologica},
  volume={51 4},
A double infection of Daphne mosaic virus (DapMV) and an associated bacilliform virus was observed in the samples of diseased Daphne mezereum shrubs that showed mosaic patterns, precocious leaves reddening, defoliation, repeated flowering with subsequent declining. Extensive aggregations of bacilliform particles (166-370 x 65 nm and 169-233 x 68-78 nm) occurred in the nucleus or perinuclear space of root and leaf tissues suggesting that the virus might belong to the genus Nucleorhabdovirus… Expand