Dandy Walker Syndrome with Tessier 7 Cleft-a Rare Case Report and a Surgical Note on the Use of Vermilion Flap and Lazy W-Plasty

  title={Dandy Walker Syndrome with Tessier 7 Cleft-a Rare Case Report and a Surgical Note on the Use of Vermilion Flap and Lazy W-Plasty},
  author={Vikas Dhupar and Praveen Satish Kumar and Francis Akkara and Ananth Kumar},
  journal={Journal of Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery},
The Dandy-Walker syndrome is a malformation of the brain that involves the mal-development of the cerebellum, associated with a cystic enlargement of this area, and frequently hydrocephalus. This malformation occurs in ~1 in 30,000 babies. It is seen mostly in females. Developmental anomalies like cleft lip, cleft palate, and cardiac malformation, orthopaedic and urinary structural abnormalities may also occur in 30% of the individuals. We report a case of Dandy Walker syndrome with Tessier 7… 

A rare case of accessory maxilla: a case report and literature review of Tessier no. 7 clefts

The presence of an accessory maxilla with supernumerary teeth in a patient with bilateral Tessier no. 7 clefts is described, which is extremely rare and may influence patient prognosis and management.

Prenatal Diagnosis of Tessier 7 Cleft in a Case of Femoral Hypoplasia-Unusual Facies Syndrome with Associated Absent Fibula and Digit Abnormalities

A 32-year-old white, gravida 1, underwent fetal karyotyping for high risk of common trisomies due to nuchal translucency (NT) > 99th centile and multiple sonographic markers of skeletal dysplasia were characterized by bilateral femoral hypoplasia, curved tibia, and absent fibula.

The Most Common Comorbidities in Dandy-Walker Syndrome Patients: A Systematic Review of Case Reports

The spread of comorbidities calls for early diagnosis and multidisciplinary research and practice, especially as many cases remain clinically asymptomatic for years.

Health Problems of Children with the Dandy-Walker Syndrome

There is a large number of health problems indicating massive needs in care and hence, they require treatment by many specialists, Consequently, families of children with Dandy-Walker syndrome should be covered by active counselling on problems arising both from basic sickness unit and the coexistent ones.

Biallelic mutations in EXOC3L2 cause a novel syndrome that affects the brain, kidney and blood

It is proposed that biallelic EXOC3L2 mutations lead to a novel syndrome that affects hindbrain development, kidney and possibly the bone marrow.



Diagnosis and management of the Dandy-Walker malformation: 30 years of experience.

Combined shunting of the cyst and lateral ventricles as the initial procedure for patients with Dandy-Walker malformation is favored, being successful in alleviating hydrocephalus and posterior fossa symptoms in 92% cases.

Dandy‐Walker malformation: etiologic heterogeneity and empiric recurrence risks

The Dandy‐Walker malformation (DWM) includes hydrocephalus, incomplete cerebellar vermis and a posterior fossa cyst. Genetic influences and recurrence risks for DWM have not been well characterized.

Lateral Facial Clefts: Closure with W‐Plasty and Implications of Speech and Language Development

The mucosa is closed in with a Z-plasty to avoid intraoral band contracture, the orbicularis muscle is closed after interfiber reorientation, and the skin is closed with W-pl surgery to produce a more aesthetic result and avoid the fissure-like appearance.

Dandy–Walker malformation

A 3-day-old, full-term male neonate born by a caearean section for obstructed labour presented with respiratory distress beginning within hours of birth. There was no history of prolonged rupture of

Incorporation of the W-plasty in repair of macrostomia.

The technique combines triangular mucosal flaps at the commissure, reconstruction of the oral and buccal musculature, and skin closure using a W-plasty to results in a less conspicuous scar while still preventing lateral drift of the Commissure.

[Treatment of the deformities of the mouth corner].

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