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Dancing on the edge of silence : Steps towards articulating the experience of childhood rape

  title={Dancing on the edge of silence : Steps towards articulating the experience of childhood rape},
  author={Brenda Downing},
The experience and aftennath of male sexual violence is a lived reality for many girls and women. This qualitative study explores the subjective experience of childhood rape and its long-term impact focusing in particular on the implications of the silencing that continues to surround what is a deeply-felt and traumatic experience with profound life-altering consequences. The study thematically and theoretically reads the subjective experience of childhood rape within current feminist… 


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  • C. Ahrens
  • Psychology
    American journal of community psychology
  • 2006
Focusing on the qualitative narratives of eight rape survivors who initially disclosed the assault but then stopped disclosing for a significant period of time, this study sought to provide an in-depth description of how negative reactions silenced these survivors.
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