Danau Towuti terletak di bagian timur laut Propinsi Sulawesi Selatan. Danau ini termasuk danau tektonik (danau kawah) yang merupakan satu rangkaian dengan Danau Matano dan Danau Mahalona. Danau Matano terletak di bagian hulu, diikuti oleh

  • LAMBUNG IKAN, OPUDI Telmatherina, +6 authors Keputusan Menteri Pertanian
  • Published 2012


Study on food habits of opudi fish (T. celebensis) was conducted in Towuti Lake, South Sulawesi, from October 2002 to April 2003. The objective of this study was to investigate food habits of the fish. Samples were collected by using experimental gill net, mesh size 0,75; 1; 1,25 and 1,5 inches. The fish (N=273) was consisted of 141 males and 132 females… (More)


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