[Damage of cell membranes by linoleic acid hydroperoxide].


It has been shown on Ehrlich ascite carcinoma cells that under the effect of linoleic acid hydroperoxides in vitro ionic permeability and membrane capacity of the cells sharply decrease after some threshold concentration of hydroperoxides (greater than 10(-5) M), while the threshold value decreases with the increase of the time of cell incubation in the presence of hydroperoxides. Interrelationship between the development of induced POL processes in the cell membranes and disturbance of their functional-structural state in the living cell is discussed.

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@article{Polivoda1986DamageOC, title={[Damage of cell membranes by linoleic acid hydroperoxide].}, author={B I Polivoda}, journal={Biofizika}, year={1986}, volume={31 3}, pages={453-5} }