Damage of SAC405 solder joint under PDC

  title={Damage of SAC405 solder joint under PDC},
  author={Wei Yao and Cemal Basaran},
  journal={13th InterSociety Conference on Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems},
Pulse current induced electromigration (EM) damage of lead-free 95.5%Sn-4.0%Ag-0.5%Cu (SAC405) microelectronics solder joints has been investigated numerically. Solder joints were subjected to 0.05 Hz to 20 Hz pulse current loading with maximum current density varying between 105 A/cm2 and 106 A/cm2 at an ambient temperature of 353 °K. Entropy based damage evolution model was used in this work, which uses the irreversible entropy production rate as a measure of material damage. Thermal… CONTINUE READING