Damage-induced localized hypermutability.

  title={Damage-induced localized hypermutability.},
  author={Lauranell H. Burch and Yong Yang and Joan F. Sterling and Steven A Roberts and Frank G Chao and Hong Xu and Leilei Zhang and Jesse R. Walsh and Michael A. Resnick and Piotr A. Mieczkowski and Dmitry A Gordenin},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={10 7},
Genome instability continuously presents perils of cancer, genetic disease and death of a cell or an organism. At the same time, it provides for genome plasticity that is essential for development and evolution. We address here the genome instability confined to a small fraction of DNA adjacent to free DNA ends at uncapped telomeres and double-strand breaks. We found that budding yeast cells can tolerate nearly 20 kilobase regions of subtelomeric single-strand DNA that contain multiple UV… CONTINUE READING

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