Damage and regeneration of hair cell ciliary bundles in a fish ear following treatment with gentamicin

  title={Damage and regeneration of hair cell ciliary bundles in a fish ear following treatment with gentamicin},
  author={Antoni Lombarte and Hong Young Yan and Arthur N. Popper and Janet S. Chang and Christopher Platt},
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Sensory hair cell death and regeneration in fishes

Advances derived from studies in zebrafish and other fish species include understanding the effect of ototoxins on hair cells and finding otoprotectants to mitigate ototoxin damage, and elucidating cellular pathways involved in the regeneration process.

Proliferative Regeneration of Zebrafish Lateral Line Hair Cells after Different Ototoxic Insults

Sensory hair cells in the zebrafish lateral line regenerate rapidly and completely after damage. Previous studies have used a variety of ototoxins to kill lateral line hair cells to study different

Hair Cell Regeneration in the Inner Ear

  • E. RubelT. TsueE. OesterleE. Rubel
  • Medicine, Biology
    Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery : official journal of American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
  • 1994
Optimism is yielded that direct stimulation of hair cell production or transplantation of living hair cells may eventually become treatment modalities for the damaged human inner ear.

Damage and functional recovery of the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) inner ear hair cells following local injection of gentamicin

It is suggested that the macula sacculi of Atlantic cod can regenerate towards a near-complete functional and ultrastructural recovery within 17–21 days following ototoxic gentamicin treatment.

Two modes of hair cell loss from the vestibular sensory epithelia of the guinea pig inner ear

Two distinct modes of hair cell loss were identified: degeneration of hair cells within the epithelium, which often showed morphological features consistent with those described for apoptosis, and extrusion of intact cells from the apical surface.



Light microscopic evidence of hair cell regeneration after gentamicin toxicity in chick cochlea.

There appears to be a progressive partial recovery of the normal hair cell counts in the 25- and 32-day-old animals, whereas in the control chicks, there was a 36% hair cell loss.

Hair Cell Loss and Regeneration after Exposure to Intense Sound in Neonatal Chicks

Hair-cell restoration after severe acoustic injury from intense sound exposure in the neonatal ear is demonstrated and can be recognized by the disorganization of hair cells in the previously injured area.

Regeneration in the auditory system