Damage Detection and Evaluation for an In-Service Shield Tunnel Based on the Monitored Increment of Neutral Axis Depth Using Long-Gauge Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

  title={Damage Detection and Evaluation for an In-Service Shield Tunnel Based on the Monitored Increment of Neutral Axis Depth Using Long-Gauge Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors},
  author={Sheng Shen and Hua Lv and Sheng-Lan Ma},
  journal={Sensors (Basel, Switzerland)},
It is difficult to detect and evaluate the structural damage in a shield tunnel during operation because many traditional techniques based on the observation of vibrations are limited in daily monitoring in tunnels. Thus, the curvature radius of a static longitudinal settlement curve is used to identify the residual health and safety of an in-service shield tunnel. However, there are still two problems. The curvature radius is suitable for a qualitative judgment rather than a quantitative… Expand


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