Dalargin stimulates cell division through opiate receptors


The writers showed previously that endorphins and enkephalins, and also the synthetic Leu-enkephalirt analog, dalargin, stimulate processes of DNA synthesis and mitotic activity in various epithelial tissues [1, 3, 4]. There is evidence in the literature that some neuropeptides (substance P, bombesin, vasopressin), which are not ligands of opiate receptors, also stimulate proliferative processes [6, 9]. It was decided to investigate the role of opiate receptors in the realization of the mitogenic effect of dalargin. To study this problem the character of the effect of dalargin on cell division was investigated in the corneal epithelium of albino rats during blockade of the opiate receptors by naloxone, and also to analyze the effect of peptides similar to dalargin in their chemical structure, but possessing opiate properties, in some cases, or having lost them, in others.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00839944

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