Daily bedside electrophysiological testing following surgery for the WPW syndrome.


A simple technique is described that allows daily bedside evaluation of the results of surgery for the Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, using standard postoperative myocardial wires, a single-channel ECG machine, and a temporary pacer capable of rapid stimulation. Rate incremental atrial and ventricular ramp pacing was performed daily in 40 postoperative WPW patients. This technique, together with underdrive pacing in some individuals permits quick assessment of anterograde and retrograde conduction. Two surgical failures were identified in early postoperative days, and promptly returned to the operating room for successful reoperation. No additional failures were identified at formal predischarge electrophysiological testing or following discharge. The technique permits reassurance on a daily basis to apparent successes and early identification in the event of failure, permitting prompt intervention.

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