Daily Iowan (Iowa City, Iowa), 1956-09-27

  • Estes Discovers
  • Published 2011


Two rraternity leaders on the SUI campus have expressed the belier this might be so. This accounts (or most of the decrea e this year, Ryan said, because thi mea that fewer contacts w('r m!ld durin, the urn mer. gjv n by Jim 'heel y, C4, Clin· day pprovE'd a lar.rangillg debate lon, seer tary·tre ur r or IFC. "There I no reason to bebeginning n xt week on the Suet lieve there I ny lack of in· Canal crisis In a d sperate attempt Too many incoming students lack interest and knowledge of fraternity life at the university, they said. l I' t in [ratcrnlti s at this to find a pt'aceful solution. tim ,'. he said. Still, higb school graduate planning 10 enter coli ge n Sheeley aUributed LI num. Acting tv.-o months to the day oft r Pr sldent N ~iled the

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