Daily Consumption of Marjoram Oil Improve the Health Status of Patients with Asthma

  title={Daily Consumption of Marjoram Oil Improve the Health Status of Patients with Asthma},
  author={Mohamed S. Mohamed and Hisham Haider Yusef Saad and M. A. Khalek},
  journal={Pakistan Journal of Nutrition},
Folk medicine claims that some foods can improve the health status of patients with asthma, examples being marjoram and lettuce seeds oils. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of these oils on asthma outcome. A sample of thirty patients with asthma (15 females and 15 males) aged 42.6±1.84 years was chosen from outpatient clinics of Tanta University Hospital, Egypt. All patients were diagnosed according to lung functions, blood variables, and clinical signs as being asthmatic. The… 

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  • S. Godfrey
  • Medicine
    Archives of disease in childhood
  • 1985
Doctors treating adult patients have long been troubled by the fact that chronic airflow obstruction can be due to chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, or any combination of these conditions, and that it is often very difficult to separate the components.

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