Daedalus: Toward composable multimedia MP-SoC design


Daedalus is a system-level design flow for the design of multiprocessor system-on-chip (MP-SoC) based embedded multimedia systems. It offers a fully integrated tool-flow in which design space exploration (DSE), system-level synthesis, application mapping, and system prototyping of MP-SoCs are highly automated. In this paper, we describe our first industrial deployment experiences with the Daedalus framework. Daedalus is currently being deployed in the early stages of the design of an image compression system for very high resolution cameras targeting medical appliances. In this context, we performed a DSE study with a JPEG encoder application, which exploits both task and data parallelism. This application was mapped onto a range of different MP-SoC architectures. We achieved a performance speed-up of up to 20x compared to a single processor system. In addition, the results show that the Daedalus high-level MP-SoC models accurately predict the overall system performance, i.e., the performance error is around 5%.

DOI: 10.1145/1391469.1391615

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