Dacryops (lacrimal cyst) in three young labrador retrievers.

  title={Dacryops (lacrimal cyst) in three young labrador retrievers.},
  author={Juri Ota and Jacqueline W. Pearce and Michael J Finn and Gayle C. Johnson and Elizabeth A. Giuliano},
  journal={Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association},
  volume={45 4},
This case series constitutes a report of dacryops in multiple Labrador retrievers and the use of smooth-muscle actin immunostaining to confirm the lacrimal duct origins of the cyst wall. Three Labrador retrievers were presented with a history of a slowly enlarging mass adjacent to the left medial canthus. Ultrasonography of the masses revealed they were each spherical, thin-walled cystic structures. Aspiration cytology was performed in two cases revealing mixed inflammation and absence of… CONTINUE READING

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