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Da Vinci - Architecture-Driven Business Solutions

  title={Da Vinci - Architecture-Driven Business Solutions},
  author={Herman Proper},
  • H. Proper
  • Published 18 May 2021
  • Physics, Philosophy
  • ArXiv
There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened. 



The Digital Economy: Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence

In this eagerly awaited follow-up to his best-selling Paradigm Shift, global IT expert Don Tapscott answers the one question that burns on the mind of every forward-looking executive and manager:

Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology

This easy-to-read, non-technical book examines and synthesizes the lessons of leading edge companies grappling with seven revolutionary IT changes that have combined to create an entirely new paradigm for competitive information processing - now and for the future.

Shaping the Future. Business Design Through Information Technology

That's it, a book to wait for in this month; even you have wanted for long time for releasing this book shaping the future business design through information technology; you may not be able to get in some stress; but now, the authors are coming to give you excellent solution.

Component Based Solutions Under Architecture

Many of today’ s applications have an, almost tangible, monolithic nature, purporting to be self contained, offering little or nothing in the way of integration with other applications.

Net gain: Expanding markets through virtual communities

Strategic Alignment: Leveraging Information Technology for Transforming Organizations

It is cleaaar that eventhough information technology (I/T) has evolved form its traditional orientation of administrative support toward a more strategic role within an organization, there is still a

Software engineering: What is it?

  • B. McMillin
  • Computer Science
    2018 IEEE Aerospace Conference
  • 2018
This paper will make an admittedly bold and brash attempt to boil it all down into something anyone can understand, hopefully resulting in a brief reference — a type of lens through which existing standards can be more practically viewed.

Enterprisewide Information Management: State-of-the-Art Strategic Planning

The state of the art in strategic planning in terms of enterprisewide information management (EwIM), which is a set of concepts and tools that enable MIS managers to plan, organize, implement, and control information resources to meet current and future strategic goals, is examined.

Principles of software engineering management

This most recent book of Mr. Gilb's may be destined to become part of APL's folklore; if it were to adopt these methods in a similarly serious-minded vein the authors might easily discover a lot about ourselves and just possibly find a new way of getting their message into wider environments.

Building a learning organization.

  • D. Garvin
  • Education
    Harvard business review
  • 1993
Three critical issues must be addressed before a company can truly become a learning organization, writes HBS Professor David Garvin, who defines learning organizations as skilled at five main activities: systematic problem solving, experimentation with new approaches,learning from past experience, learning from the best practices of others, and transferring knowledge quickly and efficiently throughout the organization.