Da P&D à inovação: desafios para o setor elétrico brasileiro

  title={Da P&D {\`a} inovaç{\~a}o: desafios para o setor el{\'e}trico brasileiro},
  author={Adriana Bin and Mar{\'i}a Isabel V{\'e}lez and Ana Fl{\'a}via Portilho Ferro and Sergio L. M. Salles-Filho and Carolina V. Mattos},
In Brazil, companies operating in the electricity sector must invest at least 1% of their net operating revenues in R&D and energy efficiency programs. This obligation challenges their capacity to manage their research and innovation efforts. As these companies belong to a supplier-dominated sector, they face constraints related to the generation of innovations: often the results of R&D projects are not implemented. This situation reveals not only problems in the sector innovation policy, but… CONTINUE READING