DYTurbo: fast predictions for Drell–Yan processes

  title={DYTurbo: fast predictions for Drell–Yan processes},
  author={Stefano Camarda and M. Boonekamp and G. Bozzi and Stefano Catani and Leandro Cieri and Jakub C{\'u}th and Giancarlo Ferrera and Daniel de Florian and A. Glazov and Massimiliano Grazzini and M. G. Vincter and Matthias Schott},
  journal={The European Physical Journal C},
Drell–Yan lepton pair production processes are extremely important for standard model (SM) precision tests and for beyond the SM searches at hadron colliders. Fast and accurate predictions are essential to enable the best use of the precision measurements of these processes; they are used for parton density fits, for the extraction of fundamental parameters of the SM, and for the estimation of background processes in searches. This paper describes a new numerical program, DYTurbo , for the… Expand

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Erratum to: DYTurbo: fast predictions for Drell–Yan processes
The Ref. [1] was missing in the published version of the paper
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