DYS19 and DYS199 loci in a Chilean population of mixed ancestry.

  title={DYS19 and DYS199 loci in a Chilean population of mixed ancestry.},
  author={Luc{\'i}a O Cifuentes and Roberta A. Morales and Dagoberto Sep{\'u}lveda and Hugo Jorquera and M Alejandra Acu{\~n}a},
  journal={American journal of physical anthropology},
  volume={125 1},
The current Chilean population originated from admixture between aboriginal populations (Amerindians) and Spanish conquerors of European origin. Consequently, the unions that gave rise to the Chilean population were chiefly between Spanish males and aboriginal females, and not the converse. To test the hypothesis that the Y chromosome of the Chilean population is mainly of Spanish origin, while the other chromosomes are from mixed (European and aboriginal) origin, we studied the DYS19 and… CONTINUE READING

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