author={Colin Denniston and Hao-Ming Li},
  journal={Physical Review E},
We study, using simulations, the steady-state flow of dry sand driven by gravity in two-dimensions. An investigation of the microscopic grain dynamics reveals that grains remain separated but with a power-law distribution of distances and times between collisions. While there are large random grain velocities, many of these fluctuations are correlated across the system and local rearrangements are very slow. Stresses in the system are almost entirely transfered by collisions and the structure… 

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Stress and large-scale spatial structures in dense, driven granular flows.
Simulations of steady-state gravity-driven flows of inelastically colliding hard disks show the formation of large-scale linear structures of particles with a high collision frequency that carry much of the collisional stress in the system due to a dynamical correlation between momentum transfer and time between collisions.
Collisions and intermittency in granular flow
We review recent and ongoing experiments in which grain dynamics are probed by correlations in intensity fluctuations for light multiply scattered from bulk samples under flow. This includes
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We consider a dense granular shear flow in a two-dimensional system. Granular systems (composed of a large number of macroscopic particles) are far from equilibrium due to inelastic collisions
Rheophysics of dense granular materials: discrete simulation of plane shear flows.
From those dilatancy and friction laws, the constitutive law for dense granular flows is deduced, with a plastic Coulomb term and a viscous Bagnold term, for the limit of rigid grains.
Slip velocity and stresses in granular Poiseuille flow via event-driven simulation.
Event-driven simulations of inelastic smooth hard disks are used to probe the slip velocity and rheology in gravity-driven granular Poiseuille flow and an interesting possibility of Knudsen-number-dependent specularity coefficient emerges.
Signatures of incipient jamming in collisional hopper flows
Many disordered systems experience a transition from a fluid-like state to a solid-like state following a sudden arrest in dynamics called jamming. In contrast to jamming in spatially homogeneous
Annular shear of cohesionless granular materials: from the inertial to quasistatic regime.
Using discrete simulations, the behavior of a model granular material within an annular shear cell is investigated and the range of applicability of the recently introduced constitutive laws for sheared granular materials (based on the inertial number) is delineated.
On dense granular flows
  • G. Midi
  • Engineering
    The European physical journal. E, Soft matter
  • 2004
A quantitative comparison between data coming from different experiments in the same geometry identifies the robust features in each case and a transverse analysis of the data across the different configurations allows to identify the relevant dimensionless parameters, the different flow regimes and to propose simple interpretations.
Shear Bands in Granular Materials: Formation and Persistence at Smooth Walls
This thesis contains numerical studies of rheology and shear characteristics of dense assemblies of granular materials. Beside the various experimental and theoretical studies, which deal with these
Dense granular flows in a vertical chute
Dense flows of dry grains in a vertical chute controlled by the orifice consist in a steady and uniform plug flow with a thin shear layer near the rough walls. Using magnetic resonance imaging, we