DUTOCAD: A Customized Autocad Environment for Pipe Analysis


This paper describes a customized Autocad environment called DutoCad used for pipe elastic analysis with pre-processing, processing and post-processing stages written in C++ programming language. The pipe geometry has approximated by plane elements (triangles) where membrane effects are calculated using FF (free formulation) and shear effects are determinated by DST element (discrete shear triangle).The pre-processing and processing stages has compiled in a dll program and call from dutocad menu in the autocad environment. The post-processing stage has build using specific dialogs box to present all results from analysis. In post-processing the displacement results are visualized in the graphic interface showing the pipe deformation. Some examples are presented to show FF and DST accomplish in pipe analysis and all tasks for this first version of dutocad academic software developed by LAMFIC - UFPB.

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