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DTASR: Dual Threshold-based authentication for secure routing in mobile adhoc network

  title={DTASR: Dual Threshold-based authentication for secure routing in mobile adhoc network},
  author={Burhan Ul Islam Khan and Rashidah Funke Olanrewaju and Asifa Baba and Roohie Naaz Mir and Sajad Ahmad Lone},
The Mobile Adhoc Network ( MANET) is not only limited to the temporary rescue operations rather it has been conceptualized to be adopted into many civil society comfort and safety applications including a specific domain called Vehicular adhoc network( VANET). The self-configurability of MANET’s node is the root cause of vulnerability and security threats, thus there is a need of light weight protocols which can ensure optimal Quality of Service (QoS) in secure way of routing. This paper… 

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