DSTO Flight Model Usage – Present and Future

  • Mr Robert Curtin
  • Published 2004


The responsibilities of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) Air Vehicles Division include provision of advice to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on fixed-wing aircraft performance and flight dynamics, and development and maintenance of related mathematical models and characteristic datasets. Aircraft flight models typically support simulation; analysis and flight-test activities where aircraft dynamics and performance issues are involved. Models developed and used within DSTO range from steady and quasi-steady performance; through three degree-of-freedom (DoF) and pseudo-five DoF flight mechanics models based on trimmed aerodynamic data; to comprehensive six DoF flight dynamic models including full aerodynamics, propulsive, control and system representations. A task was initiated to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of flight modelling processes within DSTO. Ball Solutions Group conducted a survey during late 2002 and early 2003 to determine the usage of fixed-wing aircraft flight models within DSTO and to establish their purpose, outcomes, order, fidelity, structure and interfaces. Based on the survey outcomes, a programme has been established to improve the modelling capabilities in several areas and to unify the data and model elements into a coherent, controllable and verifiable system. Work to date has concentrated on implementing an XML-based dataset structure and a library of reusable model components that communicate through common, clearly defined interfaces. When fully implemented, these components will support a wide range of modelling activities, providing high quality, verified and validated aircraft platform models and datasets, while minimising the resources necessary to provide such support. AVD has initiated a task to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform flight modelling process, with the following broad aims:

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