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DSTC8-AVSD: Multimodal Semantic Transformer Network with Retrieval Style Word Generator

  title={DSTC8-AVSD: Multimodal Semantic Transformer Network with Retrieval Style Word Generator},
  author={H. Lee and Seunghyun Yoon and Franck Dernoncourt and Doo Soon Kim and Trung Bui and K. Jung},
Audio Visual Scene-aware Dialog (AVSD) is the task of generating a response for a question with a given scene, video, audio, and the history of previous turns in the dialog. Existing systems for this task employ the transformers or recurrent neural network-based architecture with the encoder-decoder framework. Even though these techniques show superior performance for this task, they have significant limitations: the model easily overfits only to memorize the grammatical patterns; the model… Expand
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