DSM‐5‐TR: overview of what’s new and what’s changed

  title={DSM‐5‐TR: overview of what’s new and what’s changed},
  author={Michael First and Lamyaa Yousif and Diana E. Clarke and Philip S. Wang and Nitin Gogtay and Paul S. Appelbaum},
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World Psychiatry 21:2 June 2022 Understanding the factors discussed above helps make sense of what, for many scientists and health professionals, is one of the most exasperating and difficult-to-understand features of the vaccination debate: facts are not enough. Merely repeating evidence has been a notoriously ineffective way of shifting attitudes among those who self-identify as anti-vaccination. One reason for this is that people do not always behave like cognitive scientists, weighing up… 
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DSM-5-TR: Salient Changes

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is considered the authority for mental health diagnosis. Further, it is highly respected by counselors and especially by couple and



Validation of the new DSM‐5‐TR criteria for prolonged grief disorder and the PG‐13‐Revised (PG‐13‐R) scale

Overall, the DSM‐5‐TR criteria for PGD and the PG‐13‐R both proved reliable and valid measures for the classification of bereaved individuals with maladaptive grief responses.

The DSM-IV Text Revision: rationale and potential impact on clinical practice.

The rationale for the text revision is reviewed, changes that may have an impact on the day-to-day use of DSM-IV are described, and changes to update the diagnostic codes to reflect changes in the ICD-9-CM coding system the U.S. government uses officially for health care reporting are described.

Iterative Revision of the DSM: An Interim Report From the DSM-5 Steering Committee.

This Open Forum reports on the first 3 years' experience since the opening of the submission portal in late 2017, and changes to date include adoption of a new diagnostic category, clarification of existing diagnostic criteria and text, and inclusion of new nondiagnosis codes for suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injury.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

Adopting a continuous improvement model for future DSM revisions

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The approach used for making changes to both the DSM and ICD has been up to now to revise the manuals in their entirety at fixed (albeit variable) intervals. Typically, these diagnostic revision

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