DPCube: Differentially Private Histogram Release through Multidimensional Partitioning

  title={DPCube: Differentially Private Histogram Release through Multidimensional Partitioning},
  author={Yonghui Xiao and Li Xiong and Liyue Fan and Slawomir Goryczka and Haoran Li},
  journal={Trans. Data Privacy},
Differential privacy is a strong notion for protecting individual privacy in privacy preserving data analysis or publishing. In this paper, we study the problem of differentially private histogram release for random workloads. We study two multidimensional partitioning strategies including: 1) a baseline cell-based partitioning strategy for releasing an equi-width cell histogram, and 2) an innovative 2-phase kd-tree based partitioning strategy for releasing a v-optimal histogram. We formally… CONTINUE READING


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