DOC-0004 Gao et al. POPS


R. S. Gao, H. Telg, R. J. McLaughlin, S. J. Ciciora, L. A. Watts, M. S. Richardson, J. P. Schwarz, A. E. Perring, T. D. Thornberry, A. W. Rollins, M. Z. Markovic, T. S. Bates, J. E. Johnson, and D. W. Fahey NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Chemical Sciences Division, Boulder, Colorado, USA; Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences… (More)


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@inproceedings{Gao2016DOC0004GE, title={DOC-0004 Gao et al. POPS}, author={Rongrong Gao and Hagen Telg and R J Mclaughlin and Steven J Ciciora and Laura Watts and Marion Richardson and J. P. Schwarz and Anne E. Perring and Terence Thornberry and Andrew W Rollins and Milos Markovic and Timothy Bates and J E Johnson and Daniel Fahey and Peter H. McMurry}, year={2016} }