DO-CCII/DO-DVCC Based Electronically Fine Tunable Quadrature Oscillators

  title={DO-CCII/DO-DVCC Based Electronically Fine Tunable Quadrature Oscillators},
  author={Erkan Y{\"u}ce},
  journal={Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers},
In this paper, a new quadrature oscillator employing two dual output second-generation current conveyors (DO-CCIIs), two resistors and two grounded capacitors is proposed. The proposed quadrature oscillator has only resistors but no capacitors connected in series to X terminals of the DO-CCIIs; thus, it can be operated at high frequencies. It can be tuned electronically by replacing dual output second-generation current controlled current conveyors instead of DO-CCIIs and removing both… CONTINUE READING
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