DNA versus RNA - which shows higher electronic conduction?

  title={DNA versus RNA - which shows higher electronic conduction?},
  author={Abhishek Aggarwal and Saientan Bag and Ravindra Venkatramani and Manish Jain and Prabal Kumar Maiti},
In this study, we compare the charge transport properties of multiple (double stranded) dsRNA sequences with corresponding dsDNA sequences. Recent studies have presented a contradictory picture of relative charge transport efficiencies in A-form DNA:RNA hybrids and dsDNA. Using a multiscale modelling framework, we compute conductance of dsDNA and dsRNA using Landauer formalism in coherent limit and Marcus-Hush theory in the incoherent limit. We find that dsDNA conducts better than dsRNA in both… 
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Molecular Rectifiers with a Very High Rectification Ratio Enabled by Oxidative Damage in Double-Stranded DNA.

A comprehensive study to understand the effect of different concentrations and locations of 8oxoG in a dsDNA sequence on its charge-transport properties and find tunable rectifier properties having potential applications in molecular electronics such as molecular switches and molecular rectifiers.



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Beratan, Coordination chemistry reviews

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