DNA typing of azoospermic semen at the D1S80 locus.


The examination of azoospermic semen poses a special problem for the forensic scientist. Both serologic and RFLP methods may result in inconclusive results. PCR analysis is known to have an advantage in the evaluation of variably degraded, small quantities of DNA. This investigation addresses the feasibility of detecting the DNA profiles of azoospermic males in cases of suspected rape by the use of PCR amplification of the VNTR locus DIS80. DNA profiles were produced from aspermic semen samples from six vasectomized males. Two mixed postcoital vaginal samples containing azoospermic semen from two of the vasectomized males were also obtained and both revealed the combined profiles of the azoospermic semen donors and the vaginal epithelial donors. All cases resulted in an allelic banding pattern of the donor semen matching the respective blood/saliva standard.


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