DNA topoisomerases in cancer therapy : present and future

  title={DNA topoisomerases in cancer therapy : present and future},
  author={俊夫 安藤},
Contributors. Preface. 1: Reflections on an accidental discovery J.C. Wang. 1. A hectic year in the late 1960s. 2. An accidental finding. 3. A new enzyme. 4. An enzyme in search of a name. 5. A discovery missed? Postscripts. References. 2: Pharmacology of topoisomerase inhibitors Y. Sasaki. 1. Introduction. References. 3: Mechanisms of topoisomerase I inhibition by anticancer drugs Y. Pommier, J. Barcelo, T. Furuta, H. Takemura, O. Sordet. 1. Introduction. 2. Molecular model for top1 inhibition… CONTINUE READING