DNA topoisomerase II enzymes as molecular targets for cancer chemotherapy.

  title={DNA topoisomerase II enzymes as molecular targets for cancer chemotherapy.},
  author={Kenichi Chikamori and Adrian G. Grozav and Toshiyuki Kozuki and David A Grabowski and R. Raja Ganapathi and Mahrukh K. Ganapathi},
  journal={Current cancer drug targets},
  volume={10 7},
DNA topoisomerase II enzymes regulate essential cellular processes by altering the topology of chromosomal DNA. These enzymes function by creating transient double-stranded breaks in the DNA molecule that allow the DNA strands to pass through each other and unwind or unknot tangled DNA. Because of the integral role of topoisomerases in regulating DNA metabolism, these enzymes are vital for cell survival. Several clinically active antitumor agents target these enzymes. Mammalian cells contain… CONTINUE READING
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