DNA supercoiling by DNA gyrase. A static head analysis.

  title={DNA supercoiling by DNA gyrase. A static head analysis.},
  author={Hans V. Westerhoff and Mary H O'Dea and Anthony Maxwell and Martin Gellert},
  journal={Cell biophysics},
Using purified DNA gyrase to supercoil circular plasmid pBR322 DNA, we examined how the linking number attained at the steady state ('static head') varies with the concentrations of ATP and ADP, both in the absence and presence of spermidine. In the absence of spermidine at total adenine nucleotide concentrations between 0.35 and 1.4 mM, the static-head linking number was independent of the sum concentration of ATP and ADP, but depended strongly on the ratio of their concentrations. We… CONTINUE READING

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