DNA sequence of human chromosome 17 and analysis of rearrangement in the human lineage

  title={DNA sequence of human chromosome 17 and analysis of rearrangement in the human lineage},
  author={Michael C. Zody and Manuel Garber and David J. Adams and Ted Sharpe and Jennifer L. Harrow and James R Lupski and Christine Nicholson and Steven M J Searle and Laurens G. Wilming and Sarah K. Young and Amr Abouelleil and Nicole R. Allen and Weimin Bi and Toby Bloom and Mark L. Borowsky and Boris E. Bugalter and Jonathan L. Butler and Jean L. Chang and Chao-Kung Chen and A. Cook and Benjamin Corum and Christina A Cuomo and Pieter J. de Jong and David DeCaprio and Ken Dewar and Michael Fitzgerald and James Gilbert and Richard Gibson and Sante Gnerre and Steven T. Goldstein and Darren V. Grafham and Russell James Grocock and Nabil Hafez and Daniel S. Hagopian and Elizabeth Hart and Catherine Hosage Norman and Sean J. Humphray and David B. Jaffe and Matt Jones and Michael Kamal and Varsha K. Khodiyar and Kurt LaButti and Gavin K Laird and Jessica Lehoczky and Xiaohong Liu and Tashi Lokyitsang and Jane Loveland and Annie Lui and Pendexter Macdonald and John E. Major and Lucy Matthews and Evan Mauceli and Steven A. McCarroll and Atanas H. Mihalev and Jonathan M. Mudge and Cindy Nguyen and Robert Nicol and Sinead B. O'Leary and Kazutoyo Osoegawa and David C. Schwartz and Charles J. Shaw-Smith and Paweł Stankiewicz and Charles A. Steward and David Swarbreck and Vijay Venkataraman and Charles Whittaker and Xiaoping Yang and Andrew R. Zimmer and Allan Bradley and Tim Hubbard and Bruce W. Birren and Jane Rogers and Eric S. Lander and Chad Nusbaum},
Chromosome 17 is unusual among the human chromosomes in many respects. It is the largest human autosome with orthology to only a single mouse chromosome, mapping entirely to the distal half of mouse chromosome 11. Chromosome 17 is rich in protein-coding genes, having the second highest gene density in the genome. It is also enriched in segmental duplications, ranking third in density among the autosomes. Here we report a finished sequence for human chromosome 17, as well as a structural… CONTINUE READING
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