DNA sequence analysis supports the association of phytoplasmas with papaya (Carica papaya) dieback, yellow crinkle and mosaic

  title={DNA sequence analysis supports the association of phytoplasmas with papaya (Carica papaya) dieback, yellow crinkle and mosaic},
  author={Dorian White and Stephen Billington and Kerry B. Walsh and Paul T. Scott},
  journal={Australasian Plant Pathology},
Previous studies using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with primers that hybridise to regions within and adjacent to the 16S rRNA gene have indicated that Australian papaya dieback, papaya mosaic and papaya yellow crinkle are associated with phytoplasmas (formerly called mycoplasma-like organisms). In this study, DNA sequence analysis of PCR products obtained from affected plant tissue has confirmed that the amplified DNA products are most similar to phytoplasmas associated with other plant… CONTINUE READING


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