DNA secondary structure forming at minisatellite repeat unit sequences.


The lengths of simple repeat sequences are generally unstable or polymorphic; that is, they are highly variable with respect to the numbers of tandem repeats. To determine the structural features that cause such variability, we examined a minisatellite DNA isolated from the yellow fin sea bream Acanthopagrus latus. Electrophoresis, CD spectra, and calorimetric analyses of oligodeoxyribonucleotides comprised of the minisatellite repeat unit suggest a stable secondary structure is formed within the repeat unit.

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@article{Haku2006DNASS, title={DNA secondary structure forming at minisatellite repeat unit sequences.}, author={Takeshi Haku and Takeshi Hibino and Harumi Fukada and Yumiko Mishima and Ichiro Yamashita and Mikio Kato}, journal={Nucleic acids symposium series}, year={2006}, volume={50}, pages={229-30} }