DNA reveals how the chicken crossed the sea

  title={DNA reveals how the chicken crossed the sea},
  author={Brendan Borrell},
Nature 447, 620-621 (7 June 2007) | doi:10.1038/447620b; Published online 6 June 2007 DNA reveals how the chicken crossed the sea Brendan Borrell Abstract Ancient Polynesians may have brought birds to the Americas. The discovery of chicken bones with Polynesian DNA at an archaeological site in Chile has adde controversial theory that ancient seafarers from the south Pacific visited the New World long be When the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro first visited Peru in 1532, he noted the… 

Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) DNA studies support the hypothesis of an ancient Austronesian migration from Southeast Asia to America

Coconut appears to have been brought by Austronesian seafarers from the Philippines to Ecuador about 2,250 years BP, corroborate the interpretation of a complex of artefacts found in the Bahía de Caraquez (Ecuador) as related to South-East Asian cultures and discuss the implications of molecular evidence for assessing the possible contribution of early trans-pacific travels to and from America to the dissemination of domesticated plants and animals.