DNA microarrays: More than gene expression

  title={DNA microarrays: More than gene expression},
  author={Diane Gershon},
DNA microarrays are diversifying in new directions, including in vitro diagnostics. Diane Gershon takes a look at what's around the corner for microarray applications.The chips are upDNA microarrays have been available for a decade now. By making it possible to measure the expression of many genes simultaneously they transformed cell biology and genomics. We chart the rapid progress made in microarray technology so far, and the new applications on the horizon. 
Expression genomics in breast cancer research: microarrays at the crossroads of biology and medicine
Emerging 'hypothesis-driven' strategies that incorporate knowledge of pathways and other biological phenomena in the signature discovery process are linking prognosis and therapy prediction with transcriptional readouts of tumorigenic mechanisms that better inform therapeutic options.
Microarray and Its Variants for miRNA Profiling
This work has described the application of mixed LNA/DNA-modified capture probes in array-based profiling of miRNAs and have reported superior sensitivity over conventional DNA-based miRNA arrays.
Array-based comparative genomic hybridization: clinical contexts for targeted and whole-genome designs
As array-based comparative genomic hybridization is integrated into diagnostic laboratories and different array designs are used in appropriate clinical contexts, this novel technology will invariably alter the testing paradigm in medical genetics and will lead to the discovery of novel genetic conditions caused by chromosomal anomalies.
Integrated Microfluidic CustomArray™ Biochips for Gene Expression and Genotyping Analysis
The genotyping results showed that the device identified influenza A hemagglutinin and neuraminidase subtypes and sequenced portions of both genes, demonstrating the potential of integrated microfluidic and microarray technology for multiple virus detection.
Do-it-yourself: construction of a custom cDNA macroarray platform with high sensitivity and linear range
It is demonstrated for the first time that self-made cDNA-based nylon macroarrays can produce highly reliable gene expression data with high sensitivity and covering the entire mammalian dynamic range of mRNA abundances.
Genomic analysis by oligonucleotide array Comparative Genomic Hybridization utilizing formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues.
A protocol to circumvent formalin fixation artifact by utilizing enzymatic reactions to obtain quality DNA from a wide range of FFPE tissues for successful genome-wide discovery of gene dosage alterations in archival clinical samples is described.
Application of epoxy functional silanes in the preparation of DNA microarrays
This study tested the usefulness of four different epoxy functional silanes with one or three alkoxy groups with the use of alkylsilane and presented a method for constructing DNA microarrays that is based on theuse of microscopic slides modified with epoxyfunctional group-containing silanes.