DNA methylation and Z‐DNA formation as mediators of quantitative differences in the expression of alleles

  title={DNA methylation and Z‐DNA formation as mediators of quantitative differences in the expression of alleles},
  author={S. Rothenburg and F. Koch-Nolte and F. Haag},
  journal={Immunological Reviews},
  • S. Rothenburg, F. Koch-Nolte, F. Haag
  • Published 2001
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Immunological Reviews
  • Summary: With draft copies of several model genomes available in the near future, attention is turning towards the genetic mechanisms that determine differences between individuals. While mutations in protein coding regions affect the structure of gene products, polymorphisms outside such regions may cause quantitative differences in gene expression. Here we summarize observations indicating that such differences may be mediated by allele‐specific alterations in the modification or structure of… CONTINUE READING
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