DNA is present in the pyrenoid core of the siphonous green algae of the genusCaulerpa and yellow-green algae of the genusPseudodichotomosiphon

  title={DNA is present in the pyrenoid core of the siphonous green algae of the genusCaulerpa and yellow-green algae of the genusPseudodichotomosiphon},
  author={Shinichi Miyamura and Terumitsu Hori},
The pyrenoids of a number of siphonous green and yellow-green algae have been examined for the presence of chloroplast DNA (chloroplast nucleoids). We have found a conspicuous localization of chloroplast DNA in the pyrenoid core ofCaulerpa lentillifera andC. fergusonii (siphonous green algae), andPseudodichotomosiphon constrictus (a siphonous yellow-green alga) using fluorescence microscopy after staining with the DNA specific fluorochrome 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI). 

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