DNA hypomethylation and ovarian cancer biology.

  title={DNA hypomethylation and ovarian cancer biology.},
  author={Martin Widschwendter and Guanchao Jiang and Christian B Woods and Hannes M. M{\"u}ller and Heidi Fiegl and Georg G{\"o}bel and Christian Marth and Elisabeth Mueller-Holzner and Alain Gustave Zeimet and Peter W. Laird and M. Ehrlich},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={64 13},
Hypomethylation of some portions of the genome and hypermethylation of others are very frequent in human cancer. The hypomethylation often involves satellite 2 (Sat2) DNA in the juxtacentromeric (centromere-adjacent) region of chromosome 1. In this study, we analyzed methylation in centromeric and juxtacentromeric satellite DNA in 115 ovarian cancers, 26 non-neoplastic ovarian specimens, and various normal somatic tissue standards. We found that hypomethylation of both types of satellite DNA in… CONTINUE READING
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