DNA-fragmentation and expression of apoptosis-related proteins in muscular dystrophies.

  title={DNA-fragmentation and expression of apoptosis-related proteins in muscular dystrophies.},
  author={Dominique S. Tews and Hans Hilmar Goebel},
  journal={Neuropathology and applied neurobiology},
  volume={23 4},
Although numerous sarcolemmal protein defects in muscular dystrophies have been identified, the mechanisms linking these defects and muscle fibre degeneration are not fully characterized. As there is evidence that apoptosis is part of muscle fibre loss in dystrophin-deficient mdx-mice, apoptotic muscle fibre death may also play a role in humans with muscular dystrophies. We investigated in-situ DNA-fragmentation by the TUNEL-method and expression of apoptosis-related proteins… CONTINUE READING
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