DNA-dye conjugates for controllable H aggregation(1).

  title={DNA-dye conjugates for controllable H aggregation(1).},
  author={Hiroyuki Asanuma and Kenji Shirasuka and Tohru Takarada and Hiromu Kashida and Makoto Komiyama},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={125 8},
Methyl Red H aggregate of predetermined size is successfully synthesized from the DNA conjugate involving multiple Methyl Red moieties in sequence. In the single stranded state, hypsochromicity monotonically increases with the number of incorporated dyes: the peak maximum of the conjugate involving six Methyl Reds appears at 415 nm, and the shift is as great as 69 nm (3435 cm(-)(1)) with respect to the monomeric transition. This large hypsochromicity accompanied by the narrowing of the band… CONTINUE READING