DNA-damage-inducible (din) loci are transcriptionally activated in competent Bacillus subtilis.

  title={DNA-damage-inducible (din) loci are transcriptionally activated in competent Bacillus subtilis.},
  author={Paul E. Love and Michael Lyle and Ronald E. Yasbin},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={82 18},
DNA damage-inducible (din) operon fusions were generated in Bacillus subtilis by transpositional mutagenesis. These YB886(din::Tn917-lacZ) fusion isolates produced increased beta-galactosidase when exposed to mitomycin C, UV radiation, or ethyl methanesulfonate, indicating that the lacZ structural gene had inserted into host transcriptional units that are induced by a variety of DNA-damaging agents. One of the fusion strains was DNA-repair deficient and phenotypically resembled a UV-sensitive… CONTINUE READING


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