DNA damage induced by polyglutamine-expanded proteins.

  title={DNA damage induced by polyglutamine-expanded proteins.},
  author={Paola Giuliano and Tiziana de Cristofaro and Adelina Affaitati and Grazia M Pizzulo and Antonio Feliciello and Chiara Criscuolo and Giuseppe De Michele and Alessandro Filla and Enrico Vittorio Avvedimento and Stelio Varrone},
  journal={Human molecular genetics},
  volume={12 18},
We have developed stable cell lines expressing green fluorescent protein fusion proteins containing polyglutamine repeats of various lengths under tetracycline control. The expression of the expanded (43Q) repeat protein resulted in aggregate formation in a time-dependent fashion. The accumulation of aggregates did not induce apoptosis, although the survival of these cells was critically dependent on the presence of serum and growth factors. However, the expression of 43Q expanded protein… CONTINUE READING


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